Ma Shenglin Huang Jinyu Zhang Chu Wang Ping Qian Shenxian Lin Neng Ming Luo Ding Cun

1982.9—1987.7 Zhejiang Medical University
1987.7—2011.1 Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, vice director, director in the branch hospital and vice president of the hospital. Professor, supervisor of M.D and Ph.D.
    He is a member of CPC Committee of Health and Family Planning Commission of Hangzhou Municipality, director of group management committee.
    President of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, member of CPC Committee of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, president of Nanjing Medical University affiliated Hangzhou Hospital, head of Lung Cancer Institute, Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences. The first level talent of Zhejiang Province "151 Talent Project", health high-level creative talents of Zhejiang Province, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions in Zhejiang Province, excellent director of hospital in Zhejiang Province, and receives special government allowance.
He has been engaging in the interdisciplinary therapy of malignant tumor for thirty years. He has expertise in the combined interdisciplinary therapy of malignant tumor, and is familiar with the basic and clinic research of non-surgical interdisciplinary therapy (radiotherapy, chemotherapy, thermotherapy, biotherapy, combined treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, and individualized treatment) of malignant tumo.
   In recent years he has presided over ten projects, such as National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), the Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China, provincial and ministerial-level science and research program, and won twelve awards including Science and Technology Awards of Chinese Anti-Cancer Association, Zhejiang Province Science & Technology Progress Awards, Zhejiang Province Medicine and Health Technology Innovation Awards, Zhejiang Province Natural Science Academic Awards, Zhejiang Province TCM Technology Awards and Hangzhou Science & Technology Progress Awards. He has published over one hundred paper on academic papers, and is the chief editor of six books, gains five national invention patents, and numerous research achievements of his are leading throughout China and around the world.

1985.9 –1990.7 Wenzhou Medical University
1990.8 –2011.11 Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital of Zhejiang Province
1995.9 –1998.6 Zhejiang Medical University, Master
2000.9 –2003.6 Zhejiang University School of Medicine, M.D
2007         University of Melbourne in Australia, Visiting scholar
2011.11- present Hangzhou First People's Hospital
He is expertise in the therapy of coronary intervention, pacing therapy and the treatment of critical cardiovascular diseases. He has published over 30 articles, reviews and expert commentaries. He has undertaken several provincial and ministerial-level science and research program, and won Zhejiang Province Science & Technology Progress Award (Third class), Zhejiang Province Medicine and Health Technology Progress Awards(First/Third class) , Zhejiang Province TCM Technology Progress Award (Second class) , the Third Chinese Physician Award.

Chief physician of Endocrinology. He graduated from the School of Medicine, Zhejiang Medical University in 1983, and gained a master degree of Endocrinology and Metabolism in 1988, and engaged in internal medicine clinical work for decades.

Born in 1960, surgical director of the physician, professor, the vice president of Hangzhou First People's Hospital.
He graduated from Zhejiang University School of Medicine in 1983, and engaged in general surgery for decades. He is expertise in cancer surgery, hernia and abdominal wall surgery with further research and abundant clinical experience, especially gastrointestinal cancer, a variety of difficult and complicated hernia, recurrent hernia and thyroid tumors. He also performs surgery for gastrointestinal, hernia and thyroid surgery by using endoscopic security and skillfully.

Chief physician, professor, vice president of the Hangzhou Center of diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma, key academic leaders of Hangzhou blood diseases. He has already engaged in blood diseases clinical, teaching and research work for decades. He is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases, especially has abundant clinical experience in lymphoma, multiple myeloma, a rare and incurable medical disease. He studied as a visiting scholar in the city of hope Hospital Medical Center US for nearly two years, mainly engaged in the study of multiple myeloma treatment. He has chaired 10 provincial and municipal-level science and research program. He has successively published 80 papers on academic journals such as "BLOOD", "Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management", "OLIGONUCLEOTIDES", "Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters". He won Zhejiang Province Medicine and Health Technology Innovation Awards (Second/Third class), Hangzhou Science & Technology Awards (Second/Third class), Science & Technology Award for Hangzhou Youth, and award as an excellent doctor with skills and morality.

1984, 09 – 1988,07:, Zhejiang University, Bachelor
2000, 09 – 2004, 06: School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Zhejiang University, Master
2006, 09 – 2009, 06: Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Ph.D.

Working experience
  Since August, 1988, Dr. Lin joined the Zhejiang Cancer Hospital in the department of pharmacy, then he was successively named as the director of clinical pharmacology, director of the pharmacy, director of the Dean’s office. He was also the Principle Investigator in the department of pharmacy in Zhejiang Cancer Hospital, the adjunct professor in Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Zhejiang Medical College. He was appointed as the assistant for the president and the director for individual research center of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital in March, 2014. He was now the vice president and the party committee in Hangzhou First People’s Hospital.

  Dr. Lin was selected as one of the high-level innovative talents in Ministry of Public Health from Zhejiang Province since 2010, and he got the first medical and science award from pharmaceutical association of Zhejiang province. As a principle investigator, his project was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and other 5 provincial projects, funding over 5 million; he published more than 80 papers, including 25 SCI articles and 4 books. His research project won the second and third prize from Ministry of Science and Technology Progress award from Zhejiang Province.

Research interest
Clinical pharmacy, clinical toxicology, cancer pharmacology and screening of tumor personalized drug therapy

Chief physician, master tutor, vice president of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, candidate for the second level of “151 Talent Project” in Zhejiang Province.
Dr. Luo is majored in clinical and basic research in breast, thyroid and gastrointestinal cancer, and skilled in surgical treatment for breast, thyroid, gastric and colorectal cancers. He earlier carried out the breast stereotactic technology, resection of reconstruction after breast cancer surgery and sentinel lymphnode biopsy; he also carried out the clinical screening and diagnosis work on hereditary non polyposis colorectal cancer.
1. Breast cancer
1.1 Early diagnosis of breast cancer: Breast fiber duct endoscopy, breast stereotactic techniques (ultrasound, mammography) etc.
1.2 Surgical treatment for breast cancer: Breast conserving surgery, one stage repair after surgery, lymphatic mapping and sentinel node biopsy, modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer.

2. Thyroid cancer
2.1 Early diagnosis for thyroid cancer: thyroid ultrasound (angiography) and CT.
2.2 Surgical treatment of thyroid cancer, thyroid gland lobectomy, total thyroidectomy, thyroid cancer neck lymph node dissection, extended radical resection of thyroid carcinoma and repair after surgery, thyroid cancer endoscopic surgery.
3. Gastrointestinal tumors
3.1 Surgical treatment for gastrointestinal tumor: radical operation for carcinoma of stomach, colorectal, laparoscopic surgery for colorectal cancer.
3.2 The clinical diagnosis and treatment of hereditary colorectal cancer, genetic counseling and prevention.

Research interests
As the principle investigator, Dr. Luo undertakes or participates National ‘863’ program, National Ministry of Public Health and other 10 research projects, such as the basic research and multidisciplinary treatment for thyroid cancer; the molecular mechanism of MicroRNA-199b-5p on invasive thyroid cancer; the clinical and molecular basis of hereditary non polyposis colorectal cancer; fluorescence in situ hybridization for detection HER-2/neu gene amplification in breast cancer; the clinical implication of plasma TBX3 in diagnosis of breast cancer, etc.
Dr. Luo has published more than 60 research papers, such as World Journal of Gastroenterology, Human Genetics, Molecular, and Chinese Journal of Surgery.

Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Awards (third class), Ministry of Public Health of Zhejiang Province Awards (second class), National Science Outstanding paper from Zhejiang province (second class), Model Worker of Wenzhou City (2006), advanced worker from State Medical Staff (2007)

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