Hangzhou First Peolple’s Hospital International Remote Consultation Center

    Hangzhou First Peolple’s Hospital International Remote Consultation Center was founded in Dec, 2010. It occupies 200 square meters, and includes general consultation center, radiotherapy consultation center, pathology consultation center and ECG consultation center.

    Our hospital have been keeping close collaboration with New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Gifu Municipal Hospital in remote consultation. Currently, departments of breast surgery, internal medicine, hernia surgery, vascular surgery, criteria care medicine, neurosurgery and cardiology in our hospital have launched the multidisciplinary remote consultation with international top experts. During that process, experts will give the professional advice based on the patients’ condition and pathological reports, and improve the treatment plan for patients.

    Relying on the international remote consultation center, especially through the digital remote multidisciplinary consultation platform, doctors and patients in our hospital can share the well-known experts’ medical advises without traveling abroad.

    Due to Feb 2016, our consultation center has processed over 1,800 medical cases from lower class hospital, such as Jinhua hospital, Hangzhou district hospital and community clinics. The president and directors of our hospital have devoted tremendous efforts to provide efficient and accurate medical consultation according to patients’ demand.

    Our hospital welcomes international and domestic colleagues to carry out the activities in our international remote consultation center.

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