As a people’s livelihood project and the country's first provincial unified and public medical appointment service platform, Zhejiang Provincial Medical Appointment Service Platform provide comprehensive online services for patients, actively helping relieve people’s difficulty of making appointments and getting medical services.

The platform provides the following services: appointment, online queuing system, lab test report inquiry, mobile app etc, which makes it possible that through this platform, patients can finish most relative things need doing before, during and after getting medical treatment.

Appointments can be made by phone, online and mobile app, as follows:
Phone No.:12580, 114, 96365, 116114.
Mobile App:
Mobile users can send a message “预约挂号” (means appointment) to 10086 to get the app download address;
Apple Users can search for “浙江预约挂号” (means Zhejiang appointment) or “浙江挂号平台” (means Zhejiang appointment platform)app in Apple Store to download and install.

* * * Please make sure your appointment ways are official, pay attention to your account information security, and don’t disclose it to others. * * *

Appointment Reminder:
*Real name registration: user name, ID number and phone number must be valid and matched with the patients. Each phone number can only be bound to three accounts.
*Unified account: once an account is registered, it can be used by phone, online and mobile app.
*User credit: gratuitous cancel or default will lead to the deduction of your credit score which represent different appointment service rights and interests.
*Appointment available time: appointment can be made one to seven days in advance. New appointments are available at 14:00 for municipal hospitals and 15:00 for provincial hospitals every day.
*Appointment end time: make appointments in municipal hospital will be end at 14:00 the day before the appointed days. Make appointments in provincial hospital will be end at 15:00 the day before the appointed days.
*Appointment confirmation: appointments must be confirmed in the hospital at least 10mins before the appointed time. The appointments after 10:00 / 15:00 must be confirmed before 10:00 / 15:00. Otherwise, your appointments will be invalid and will be recorded as a default.
*Appointment confirmation regulation: appointments can be confirmed with your ID card / residence booklet and password at the registration office of Outpatient Building.
*Appointment cancellation: at least one day in advance, that is before 24:00 the day before your appointed day.
*Appointment restrictions: the same user can only make two appointments (in different departments) within one day and make three appointments at most within seven days.
*Default processing: If an appointment is not cancelled in advance, it will lead to a default. If your defaults exceed three times within three months, your account for appointment will be suspended for three months (from the last default date meter).
*Warm reminder: please keep your phone open, pay attention to your text messages, and ensure that the doctor who you made appointment with will not suspend his consultation that day. Please arrive at the hospital on time.


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