Hospital History

        Hangzhou First People’s Hospital, founded in 1923, was originally established by Hangzhou municipal government and the Patriots’ self-financing, formerly known as Hangzhou Infectious Disease Hospital, renamed in June, 1928 as Hangzhou municipal hospital, and was then the only general hospital that provided internal, surgical, gynecological, pediatrics services. In 1966, it has been renamed as Hangzhou First People’s Hospital. After 2000, it has become a clinical research institute of Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences, the affiliated hospital of Nanjing Medical University.

        Ninety years of intense emotion, ninety years of through the waves. Over these years, hospital has always took the "rigorous treatment, charity for the people, to forge ahead and striving for excellence " as the business objectives, motivate employees to remember the "dedication, preciseness, honesty and kindness academy, wholeheartedly serve the people, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital will make his contribution for the medical development in Hangzhou city, as well as Zhejiang Province.



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