In 2016,Message From President

   From fate lane yard to bachelor's ward of the road, from the flat sea street to 18 layers of intelligent medical outpatient building complex, from the initial set up in hangzhou, zhejiang province lazarette to hangzhou first people's hospital group, we quietly passed more than ninety years. Every whole, show people the pursuit of excellence in medical attitude; Every strategizing, etched with, a careful diagnosis and treatment of serious expression; Every innovation breakthrough, agitate one studies the scientific spirit of the city. In this way, we one step a footprint, solid, steady and sound, bold step into another new milestone.

  "Twelve five" period, the first people's hospital of hangzhou conforms to the development requirements of the reform of public hospitals, through close part, comprehensive hosting, hosting, technical collaboration with various medical institutions in the province to carry out cooperation and build work, formed with the core of the first people's hospital of hangzhou city, a group of couplet of medical "7 + X" mode, operation and management has become increasingly mature. Group within the first people's hospital of hangzhou, hangzhou maternity hospital maternity and child care/hangzhou (city of qianjiang new city campus), tumor hospital of hangzhou a wushan campus (city), hangzhou hospital (city north campus), hangzhou choric five yunshan nursing homes (city yunshan CGMH) contents one xiaoshan campus (city), zhejiang xiaoshan hospital ?, yuhang district, the third people's hospital

  No, god reward those who work hard. 2016 is the start of the implementation of "thirteen, five" planning, also is the key to deepening the health promoting. Hospital will be in hangzhou city health development planning commission, under the leadership of further promote the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, improve clinical service ability, do a good job of the G20 summit, ramming collectivize construction achievements, promote the fine management and medical normalized wisdom, show the features of subjects and advantages, accelerate the process of internationalization. Group will integrate the campus medical resources, realize the complementary advantages, coordinated development, based on the whole province, facing the whole country, is committed to build in line with international standards of modern medical group.

New Year, the city one shoulder "dry to making endless, walk at the forefront to Marty natalegawa" new mission, to create a "learning" "research" hospital as the focus, continuous innovation, have the courage to break through, hospital to realize the sustainable and healthy development of the cause of "thirteen · 5" health family planning development bureau, a good step.

Finally, I sincerely thank the social from all walks of life to our concern and support. , a group of all the staff will keep in mind the "department of health, life stacked" oath, undertake the mission of the healer and responsibilities, not social trust and expectations.



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