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Hangzhou First People's Hospital, founded on May 29th, 1923, is one of the very first hospitals that passed the tertiary referral evaluation within Zhejiang province in 1989, and is the largest comprehensive hospital that integrates medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention and social health care in Hangzhou. Now, Hangzhou First People's Hospital is also known as ‘clinical research institute of Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences, ‘Nanjing Medical University affiliated Hangzhou hospital’. The hospital values academic construction, and has Center of Diagnosis and Treatment of Cardio-cerebrovascular Diseases, Hangzhou Cancer Center, Hangzhou Critical Maternal Rescue Center, and Hangzhou Health Management Center. Meanwhile, as one of the largest hospitals in Hangzhou, it provides quality control and academic construction in tumors, obstetrics, orthopedic, intensive, emergency treatment, radiology, pathology, medical inspection, pharmaceutical affairs, nursing, and hospital infection.

The hospital now has 2,378 staff, among which over 50 % has achieved senior professional titles, 12 of which has received special allowance from the State Council and city government. There are 58 people selected as new century cultivation talents, and 6 people selected as Qianjiang Distinguish Professor. 48 people are professors or associate professors in Nanjing Medical University. 80 people are supervisors of Ph.D or master students.

The hospital has an area of over 20,000 square meter, and has over 1,500 open beds. The hospital now has 50 departments, among which gastroenterology, cardiovascular medicine, oncology, gynaecology and obstetrics, experimental diagnosis are Zhejiang Province Key Disciplines; cardiovascular medicine, neurosurgery, paediatrics, oncology, internal medicine of hematology, gynaecology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology are Special Disease Center in northern Zhejiang Province; radiation oncology, cardiovascular medicine, neurosurgery, experimental diagnosis, Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine, hospital pharmacy (clinical pharmacy), gynaecology, gastroenterology, otorhinolaryngology and obstetrics are regarded as Hangzhou Key Disciplines. The hospital has Zhejiang Province Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Molecular Oncology Key Laboratory, Zhejiang Academy of Medical Sciences Lung Cancer Research Institute, Hangzhou Translational Medicine Research Center, Hangzhou Cancer Research Institute.

As the teaching hospital of Nanjing Medical University, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou Normal University, Wenzhou Medical University, there are over 400 medical students participate in the clinical practice and education every year. Besides, the hospital authorize Ph.D and M.D in Nanjing Medical University and Zhejiang Chinese Medical University.

To maintain a consistently high quality medical service, advanced medical facilities and patient-oriented service, the hospital has gained a good reputation in Hangzhou and also in Zhejiang province. The hospital has won the national health system advanced group, civilized institution of Zhejiang province, civilized institution of Hangzhou, Zhejiang civilization demonstration hospital, the Ministry of Health demonstration hospital. Staff in the hospital always remember the hospital motto: "dedication, strictness, sincerity, love", and wholeheartedly service for the best benefits of patients.

As the medical and health system reform proceeds, the hospital sets out to establish an integrated medical center by incorporating several medical institutions and hospitals. This development plan is directly instructed by the municipal party committee and municipal government, and is also led by the health administrative departments.

In September 2000, Hangzhou Glass Corp. Staff Hospital was merged into Hangzhou First People's Hospital and renamed as Hangzhou Geriatric Hospital. In January 2008, Hangzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital Hangzhou First People's Hospital. In May 2009, Hangzhou First People's Hospital singed with Hangzhou Qianjiang District to construct Hangzhou Gynaecology and Obstetric Hospital. In December 2009, Hangzhou First People's Hospital has bought in 65% of total equity in Hangzhou Fourth Hospital, and renamed it as Hangzhou Cancer Hospital. In March 2012, the hospital’s Physical Examination (PE) Center has integrated with PE center in Hangzhou Wuyun Mountain Sanitarium. In February 2014, the hospital has cooperated with the Yuhang district to accomplish hierarchical medical system. In April 2014, the hospital has integrated with Hangzhou Wuyun Mountain Sanitarium. In May 2014, the hospital has established an strategic cooperation with Zhejiang Xiaoshan Hospital, to achieve resource complementarity between public and private hospital.

The development of Hangzhou First People's Medical Group is centered on Hangzhou First People's Hospital, and meanwhile effectively and reasonably integrate the medical resources of the other six hospitals, thereby improving the reputation of Hangzhou First People's Hospital. It also benefits to lower the hospital running risk and maintain a durable development of the whole medical group.

Each hospital district has its own characteristic. Hangzhou First People's Hospital: The major task is to provide medical service guidance, diagnosis and treatment of Difficult and critical illness, scientific research and teaching, professional talented people, funds, technology, facilities, etc. Hangzhou Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital: The major task is to provide medical services for maternal and child health care within Hangzhou district. Hangzhou Cancer Hospital (Wushan Branch): The major task is to provide tumor prevention, early diagnosis, surgery, radiation therapy, integrated treatment and translational research.Hangzhou Maternity Hospital (Qianjiang District): As a 3A Grade Hospital, it integrates with medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, health care, prevention and rehabilitation, opened in 2014. Hangzhou Geriatric Hospital (Northern City District): it is a geriatric hospital including key disciplines, such as cerebral apoplexy, respiratory supportive therapy of decubitus, therapy of advanced tumor and hospice care. Hangzhou Wuyun Mountain Sanitarium (Wuyun Mountain District): combining with the four-dimensional concept of health as physical, psychological, moral and adaptation, we will build a fashion hospital to lead a healthy life and provide supports for an entire family. Zhejiang Xiaoshan Hospital (Xiaoshan Branch): As a 3 grade hospital, it is a large comprehensive private hospital integrated with gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics, psychiatry and oncology as special characteristics. Yuhang Third People's Hospital (Pingyao Branch): As the only 2A Grade Hospital in Pingyao, the hospital provide medical services including medical emergency, preventive health care, public health and health education for 30 million people.


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