Italian professor Bizzirri visited our hospital
Date:2016/04/27 | hits:781

On the afternoon of April 11,the Italian interventional treatment expert professor Bizzirri and his associates visited our hospital.Vice-president Dingcun Luo,Director of Utrasound department Lingyun Bao and the doctors of ultrasonic interventional team joined in the communication meeting.     

Dr.Bizzarri Giancarlo is the head of radiological department which from the Italian Roman Regina Apostolorum hospital,He has rich experiences in the radiological, ultrasonic interventional diagnosis and treatment field.He is one of the global experts who first used the laser ablation and then widely used in the clinic.He is also the tutor of chief Lingyun Bao  when she studied in Italy.

Professor Luo welcomed Dr. Bizzarri on behalf of our hospital and introduced our hospital in the aspect of clinic and scientific research,then, he admired the value of the meeting.

In the communication meeting, Fistly Dr. Bao introduced the development of the ultrasonic department in recent years and our advanced diagnosis technology.Doctor Fanlei Kong introduced the clinical application of ultrasonic intervention in our hospital.

Dr. Bizzarri admired the work we had done,and advised us to improve the level constantly and solve the problem from a higher stage. Then he gave an lecture on clinic application in the fusion image, navigation technology and showed the images fusion in MRI-Ultrasound and CT-ultrasound under the new technology which used in the biopsy and ablation of central lung cancer and prostate tumor.It made the ablation operation accurate 、safety and high-efficiency.It satisfied the need of more risk and more complication therapy. This new technology would be widely used in the future.

After lecture, Dr.Jianhua Fang discussed some problems about prostate and lung biopsy with Dr. Bizzarri.Every doctors of intervental team had made full preparation.Through the communication,it promoted the development of  our department.


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