Hangzhou First People’s Hospital: For us, the G20 healthcare is an inescapable duty.
Date:2016/02/23 | hits:570

        China will hold the 11th G20 Summit in Hangzhou from September 4 to 5, 2016.  As the local host, Hangzhou will catch the attention of the world. As a three-star general hospital which was first passed the assessment of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital will take the responsibility for the healthcare of G20 Summit during that time.

       Shen-Xian Qian, the vice president of Hangzhou First people’s Hospital, said that Hangzhou Municipal Planning Commission issued “To promote the internationalization of Medical and Health action plan for 4-years in Hangzhou City”, the pace of internationalization process of Hangzhou First People’s Hospital has been accelerating. International medical care center, telemedicine and consultation center which represent the international level of advanced medical service and equipments, so that we are very confident to greet the arrival of G20 Summit.

       In order to provide better healthcare service for G20 Summit, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital has transformed the 15th to 17th floor of No. 1 building into the “International Medical Care Center”, in addition to the advanced medical equipments and the best medical care service, the International Medical Care Center will also provide the special medical, health care and rehabilitation services for people all over the world.

       Once there is need for emergency rescue, the helicopter parking apron will be onstandby at the top of No. 1 building, this channel has greatly improved the emergency rescue efficiency of hospital.

       As the largest three-star general hospital in Hangzhou, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital has undertaken a large number of medical care and emergency rescue work in all types of public events.

       When it comes to the Bus arson emergency which occurred on July 5th, 2014, Hangzhou First People’s Hospital enrolled 127 staffs in just 30 minutes, and successively rescued 23 patients. Such a quick, reasonable and effective treatment has largely promoted the ability for our hospital when handling the mass events.

       In addition, hospital not only established the bilingual signs, but also updated the emergency broadcasting system to ensure that each floor will be covered by the radio signals.


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